What is a regulated adaptor?
The power supplier has constant output voltage regardless of the load and main supply’s deviation.


What is a non-regulated adaptor?
The strength of the output voltage is depended on the major input and the loading rate.


What is a charger with timer control?
Some charges could prevent overcharging batteries by switching the charge cycle from fast mode to trickle mode after a predetermined time.


What is a charger with △V Detection?
Some charges could effectively prevent overcharge of batteries by switching the charge cycle from fast mode to trickle mode when the charge detected the abrupt change of voltage and other parameters.


How to find a product?
-Go to “product” page, our product categories will be appeared.
-Select the category of the product you are searching for
-A product list will be appeared, and you may click on the product to browse its information.


How to use quick search?
-A quick search box will be always appeared at the top right corner on every page.
-Enter the keyword of the product that you are searching for (e.g. MW1270, Chargers, Camera, iPod, etc.)
-The result will be shown in a list of the respective product.


How to make a product inquiry? (Only for member)
-Select the product you want in the “Product” page.
-Click “Add to enquiry form”, an enquiry form will be appeared.
-The enquiry form allows you to ask questions about FOB price, MOQ, lead time…etc.
-After you have completed the questions, click “Preview before sending” and “Confirm and send”.
-The enquiry form will be sent to our representative. We will reply you shortly.


How to leave a message to our representative?
-Go to “Contact Us”
-A message box will be appeared in the page.
-Enter your name, company’s name and e-mail.
-Type your message in the box and click “Send”.


How to be a member?
-In “Login in” page, click “New Registration”.
-Enter the required information in the registration form, and click “Register”
-This registration form will be sent to our representative.
-We will confirm you with the registration by an email notification for activation.