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Automobile Power
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Product Introduction

7.5A 12V/24V 10 Steps Intelligent Bluetooth Battery Charger for Vehicles & Boats with CC/CV Control for LiFePO4 & Lead Acid Battery of Wet, Gel, MF, AGM

Product details

Input voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.3A Charging Voltage: 1) Lead Acid (Normal): 14.5/29V DC 2) Cold/AGM: 14.7/29.4V DC 3) LiFePO4: 12.8V/4cells
Output current: 1) 12V Lead Acid: 7.5A; 2) 24V Lead Acid: 3.75A 3) LiFePO4: 5A 4) 13.6V Power Supply: 5A Insulation: IP65 (Dust and Water)
Protection: 1) Short Circuit Protection, 2) Overload Protection, 3) Wrong Polarity Protection, 4) Reverse Battery Protection, 5) Safety Timer Protection